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      If you are seeking consolation concerning the passing of a loved one, in particular, an adult child, or affirmations that God is merciful and provides beautiful signs of comfort, then my book, Lamentations of the Heart - Mingled with Peace and Joy, has been written for you.

     There are so many of us on this unexpected, heart wrenching path. I didn't consciously acknowledge the depth of this fact - in my former life, when my family was intact.  Of course, I realized that countless individuals and families suffer these great losses, for a myriad of reasons, and knew of some personally. But the full impact of it evaded my comfortable, daily routines.

      As a Christian, I have always cared about others. But now, my world has changed and all is different. Now I care at a profoundly higher level and have prayerfully written this to try and share both the blessings and the emotional ebb and flow.     

     Please explore my author site for more information, and for more of my thoughts that I hope will resonate with you. God bless and comfort you... 



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