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Forgiving Ourselves

Dear Kindred Spirits in Christ,

In a season that many equate with undying devotion and sweet tokens of romance, I find myself thinking about self love - and what that really means in a Godly sense. We know that our heavenly Father purposely designed His creation, and that He wanted someone unique when He made each of us, all those eons ago. Sometimes I marvel at the idea of my own moment of creation, especially when I look at myself through the eyes of certain others.

There are those who only remember my mistakes, who simply can't or won't get past my now forgiven sins. There are times when old memories, best left in the past, come rushing to the forefront of my thoughts. Some of it sickens me. I tell myself, "It's just the old devil, trying to destroy me..." I command my spirit to rise up and subdue my fleshly, defeating recollections. I call forth comforting scriptures and rebuke in the name of Jesus.

Matthew 22:39 states: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. This ties in with the Golden Rule and leads me to ponder loving myself, without the ego and vanity that can so easily beset humanity. In order to love others, I must love myself in a humble way as I appreciate the gift of life, even when hardships and heartaches appear.

Of course, God richly deserves our adoration, but is it possible to love every neighbor? I believe we have to try, especially with the ones who seem extremely undeserving. They need it the most. Right? And sometimes, we ourselves, are the ones who feel unworthy. We're willing to forgive everyone - except ourselves.

I remind myself that God gives all of us gifts and abilities, and that through Christ, we have meaning and purpose. Why is this so difficult to grasp at times? In Matthew 6:14, it says: For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. This command includes self forgiveness, which is the only true way to experience self love in a Godly way.

May our heavenly Father give us open hearts, contrite spirits when needed, and constant reminders that upon repentance, we are blessed with forgiveness through Christ Jesus.

Love Always,


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