• Marti Wells-Smith

One Soul At A Time

Dear Kindred Spirits in Christ,

Tonight I'm reflecting on the importance of reaching out to each other, when we're in need, or lonely - maybe searching for answers or perhaps struggling with the answers we're given.

It's written in Galatians 6:2: Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

This can be relatively simple, or depending on the circumstances, unusually difficult. But there it is. We're supposed to help each other. I could delve into the aspects of codependence, of going too far to help someone in a harmful situation that they perpetuate with their own decisions or actions. But instead, I want to explore the Christian duty, (an honor, really,) to respond in a loving, caring way when it's within our power to do so.

I can't adequately convey how much it helped me, in my darkest hour, for friends and family to contact me, with cards, letters, visits and phone calls - even gifts of food and meaningful mementos that I will always cherish. Now that I'm further down the road, it's become time once again to help someone else when the opportunity presents itself. It can be such a simple act, and yet, have a far reaching healing affect.

In Matthew 22:39 it states: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. Leading up to that commandment is the statement that we are to love God above all. We then extend it to each other, as much as humanly possible. Sometimes it isn't possible, but we try, right? And I think that's all the LORD expects us to do. Just try.

The rippling effect sets in, and this too, can be far reaching. By trying to help each other, one soul at a time, we fulfill the law of Christ and put something beautiful in motion that is meant to be never ending...

Love Always,


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